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Why DIR?

With some of the world’s finest salon furniture offered; Dir. Salon Furniture is the one-stop-shop for your utmostsuperiority Beauty Salon Furniture & Equipment at the most equitable prices. Our large scaled & advanced manufacturing facilities with the newest equipment allow production of the highest quality furniture and equipment.With designing teams in UK and U.S along with assistance from our skilledproduction facility, we are capable of offering our customers with the most up to date and stylish Salon & Spa Furniture. Presentation, Practicality, Quality and Durability is perfectly balanced when it comes to our completed products. We are delighted to say that Dream in Reality will be your unsurpassed Salon & Spa Furniture provider at the present and yet to come future.


Birmingham, United Kingdom; our head office for the European market operates all sales, customer service and distribution throughout all European countries. A second showroom is conveniently located in the heart of London to service the ever so busy city. Our client base stretches from Ireland east through France, Germany, and Poland and as far as Moscow, Russia. Check our website for all distributors& showrooms located throughout Europe.



New York City, United States; our North American headquarters is home to our central warehouse facility, gorgeous showroom, sales and also communications teams. Strategically located in NYC, this location can be easily accessed by customers throughout the Tri-State area and also permits us to service these regions with our very own transport crew and service specialists. We currently have established direct shipping & logistics partners to service every city Northeast of New York City all the way West to California & State of Washington; we’ve also covered all major cities throughout the Canadian provinces.