Two seats backwash Majestic

DIR code: 7899
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Dir Double Seat Backwash Unit Majestic (Dir Code: 7899)

Dir Shampoo Backwash Unit Majestic is the perfect solution to today's sky high rent cost and limited space, featuring a love-seat design which greatly cuts down space needed for two units. Combining two units into one and not sacrificing the sleek and modern design that Dir is known for.

Individual plumbing and drain assembly, can be connected Backwash or Side-wash units

Seat material: High density memory foam with high grade soft vinyl built on metal base structure for long lasting use.

•      Reinforced solid steel frame supports chair and basin

Tilting ceramic sink in Black or White

Accessories includes: Sprayer & Faucet, sink strainer, silicon neck rest, water supply line and Drain pipe

Other colors available upon request for special order

Warranty: One year



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