Salon Furniture Pack7158-1158

DIR code: 7158-1158
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Salon Package 7158-1158: Shampoo Backwash 7158x 1 unit + Styling Chair 1158x 3 units

Dir Shampoo Backwash Unit Journey combines modern base with hand craft wooden chair design, which offers incredible accessibility and ease of use. Style & comfort is perfectly balanced between the solid base and raised backrest support along with the adjustable seating.

• Seat material: High density memory foam with high grade soft vinyl built on full fiberglass base

• Raised backrest support for superior comfort

• Forward and backward sliding seats

• Matching Styling Chairs available

• Tilting ceramic sink in Black or White

• Round shower sprayer included

• Accessories includes: Sprayer & Faucet, sink strainer, silicon neck rest, water supply line and Drain pipe

• Plumbing access for both backwash or side-wash

• Warranty: One year

ir Styling Chair Venture (Dir Code: 1158)      

Dir Styling Chair Venture features an antique Victorian Era design with wooden seat frame, with each chair being carefully hand crafted to perfection by our artisans.

Each seat frame will have its unique individuality and charm

High density memory foam with high grade soft vinyl for long lasting use

Heavy-duty hydraulic pump handles weights over 450 lbs.

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